Sleep Counseling Program

 Sleeping BabyMaybe you’re wondering how to ensure your child becomes a “good sleeper.”

Maybe you’ve been bombarded with conflicting sleep advice.

Maybe the “expert” advice you’ve heard doesn’t work on your baby or just doesn’t feel right to you.

Maybe you and your partner don’t agree on how sleep “ought to” happen.

Or maybe you just find it hard to think clearly and be consistent in the middle of the night!

There is no one simple method that fits every family’s needs. There is no one way for infants to sleep.  There is no magical number of hours they, or you, must sleep at a certain age. 

Let’s get away from sleep advice that should be in the fiction section of the bookstore!  Babies are real people; they have needs. Parents are real people with real needs, too. Learning to put those things in balance will help you make sense of your chaotic, tired situation.  We will develop real-life habits and solutions that work best for your family; you will feel more confident that everyone’s needs are getting met.

Private Sessions in Manhattan, or via Skype, contact me at meredith @ amotherisborn (dot) com.