I teach and see clients privately and for various organizations around New York, where I may use that organization's syllabus instead of my own. Testimonials that describe classes are from a combination of private work and teaching at such venues; I have indicated the organization where relevant.

"Breastfeeding has been going so well ever since our consultation, I'm so thankful for your help!! It was a life saver!"

- Brittany 

 I just want to tell you again how great the new mom group has been.  I have really enjoyed it and I think you have been fantastic at leading the discussion.  I am going to continue and I think most of the other women will as well.

mom kissing blue eyed baby.jpg

  - Amanda M.

"Though I consider myself a progressive thinker, I still had my old-fashion preconceived notion of what a "birthing class" was about. .. [and] imagined something similar to what you see on TV where couples are awkward on the floor practicing Lamaze together. It was nothing of the sort. .. Meredith who taught our Birthing Class was born to do what she does. She was sooo passionate about providing the information on labor, hospital procedures, and alternative options in a neutral NON-JUDGEMENTAL / NON-BIAS way. Based on the way she presented the information, both my husband and I left the class feeling truly EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT … . She was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects from "natural" to medical assisted births. She never once made you feel like one specific choice was the better choice or the right or wrong choice."

Twah D. (this review was for a childbirth education class at Citybirths.)

"Meredith's perspective on sleeping and crying were wonderfully concise and concrete. It was refreshing to remove the grey area of "techniques" that the market has advertised. . . .Meredith's ability to widen perspectives was an incredibly valuable component of teaching. She evokes thinking!"

- Student in a Workshop for Professionals

I can’t thank you enough for all your help [with breastfeeding and the transition to having two kids]! You were amazing and really helped turn things around for us.


"Meredith's hilarious, expert perspective on it all made me laugh out loud (and take lots of notes)!"

- Alyssa H. 

We are so glad that we took your [childbirth] class! The breathing techniques, positions and pain management were incredibly helpful. And since we ended up having a more “complicated” birth than expected and labored in the hospital the entire time, we were truly grateful that we had learned about medical interventions in class and felt comfortable knowing the lingo and options. And more than anything, we fell back on your BRAIN acronym – it helped us to ask the right questions at every point along the way!  I’m looking forward to the Moms’ Group!

— Suzanne and Steve

I just wanted to say how brilliant you have been and how much I have enjoyed our sessions.  I definitely found motherhood more of a shock than I anticipated and you have helped instill in me the confidence that comes with knowing that feeling inadequacy/cluelessness is pretty normal and part of the amazing ride.  I have internalised and taken comfort from so much of what you have said and am grateful for your frankness and warmth.

 - Amy H.

Your sleep advice made me feel so much more relaxed.  No more tying my own happiness to the number of minutes in my baby’s nap!  And guess who’s sleeping now while I have a cup of tea and a sandwich?

  - Amanda B. 

I wanted to say thanks for doing such a wonderful job in facilitating the new mom group.  I got so much out of it — I find myself several times a day saying either “in my new mom group I learned…” Or “Meredith talked about…” This group has been priceless to me! 

- Amanda W.

I think the biggest takeaway from the [childbirth] class for me was a great base of knowledge about labor + delivery, and the confidence to make the decisions that are necessary during the process.  I went into my labor with a very open mind & made decisions as they came about…. This was the most amazing experience of our lives to date.  Meredith - thank you for giving us the tools we needed for a successful birth!!!

— Kristine 

I just want you to know how much I enjoyed the MOMs group.  You are so knowledgeable and good at what you do but you’re also so warm, funny and engaging!  I’m so glad I did it - to have met you and of course, the other moms.


I could barely get myself and my baby out the door in those early months, but my sessions [at the New Mothers’ Group] were something I’d never miss. Meredith’s classes eased my mind, taught me everything a pediatrician doesn’t, helped introduce me to a great network of Moms and gave me a public haven to get my confidence up as a new Mom. 

I recently completed Meredith’s Childbirth Education class and couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Not only was she knowledgeable and funny, but her sense of calm - her *realness *- was intensely reassuring. Now that I’m a mother, I’ve been struggling with breastfeeding issues and she has come to my rescue with hours of support on the phone and in person, guiding me through. 

Thanks so much for the [childbirth] class you gave last weekend. It was excellent and we both learned a great deal. We felt that your class had effectively, ‘given the birth back to her.’ We had been focusing so much on the doctors, the baby, and all the other people around, and it was good to hear you say several times that the pregnancy is ours. We particularly liked your examples of how to ask questions of caregivers in a non-adversarial way to collect information. 
  -John and Diane

I read like a fiend and talked with friends, but it made a huge difference to have Meredith’s regular visits after the baby was born. She’s an incredible source of information… I found her reassuring, comforting, authoritative, empathetic. I trust her judgment. 

(c) Meredith Fein Lichtenberg 2016

(c) Meredith Fein Lichtenberg 2016

Meredith was with me in my most vulnerable moments as a new mom, and helped me feel comfortable… the emotional support I received from her was worth her weight in gold. 

Meredith combines knowledge, compassion and humor – she was a godsend and a friend! I appreciated that she had no ‘agenda’ about what I should be doing. The long talks we had about the significance of being a mother meant a lot to me as I got used to my new life. 

My husband and I got more out of our childbirth preparation class than I ever imagined I could. Meredith was very funny and very knowledgeable. 

Meredith showed up . . . with the calm presence and wisdom that we desperately needed. By the time she left, we had a clear plan for a combination of nursing and supplementing, a hospital grade pump en route, and an agreement to meet again a couple days later to check in. . . . Fast forwarding a few weeks, I was producing enough milk at each session to feed my daughter entirely on breast milk. It is not an overstatement to say that Meredith is the sole reason I was able to be EBF with my daughter for months. It was difficult and required a lot of work to get to that point, but Meredith was with us every step of the way. What was also incredible is that Meredith has a no-judgment approach to feeding a child. If you want to be EBF, she will work with you towards that goal. If you want to supplement, that's fine, too. Or if you have decided to wean for whatever reason, she'll help you do that. After being inundated with so much information indicating how "terrible" different options for feeding a baby can be, I was riddled with new mom guilt for not being able to provide enough breast milk for my daughter. To hear Meredith tell me that whatever is best for my baby and me . . . is the right answer, was so reassuring. We highly recommend Meredith. If you are debating whether you need a lactation consultant, call her. Talk to her. Then make a decision. You will find with children that some money is wasted on certain items and other expenses are invaluable. My husband and I still say that working with Meredith was one of the best "investments" we made for our daughter and our family.

-- Courtney and Patrick