Parenting and Breastfeeding Consults

HandsYou’re taking care of the baby; who’s taking care of you?

You’re probably an expert at lots of things, but as a brand new Mom, or Mom-To-Be, you’re a new beginner. And unlike things that ease in gradually, this is something you do 24/7, without a guidebook.  (Well, there are hundreds of guidebooks but they all say different things, and none of them was written just for you). 

You know there’s not one “right way” to do everything, but … you want to get it right.

And you’re tired.

It can get intense.

As you figure out breastfeeding and infant care and logistics — and later on, as you sort out naps and playtime and your parenting style — you deserve pragmatic, non-generic assistance, and reassuring company. I’ll have my eye on you to make sure you’re not falling through the cracks – that you’re being taken care of as you learn to mother your baby.


  • FOR EXPECTANT PARENTS:  one or more pre-natal home visits (fee depends on number of visits).
  • FOR NEW PARENTS:  series of one-hour Parenting Consults — at any time during the first year — in your home or workplace, to discuss feeding, sleep, transitions, coping with colic, acclimating to motherhood, self-care, weaning, spousal issues, guilt, coping with relatives, introducing solid foods … what have you!  (fee depends on number of visits)
  • FOR NEW PARENTS OUTSIDE NYC: one-hour Skype consults are available for all parenting issues above except those that require a clinical breastfeeding assessment.  (I can help you locate an IBCLC to see locally.)

My goal is to help you find your sea legs. As you figure out who you are as a Mom, I will support your choices with guidance, advice and mentoring, so that you gain confidence to move through the postpartum period.