The things we said before parenthood

It pains me to recall this, but about 16 years ago, I was complaining to my friend Christine about how exhausted I was.  I was working as a lawyer at a big firm; I was relatively newly married; lots was going on and it's true, I really was tired.  But the last person I should have told was Christine, who was, at that moment, nursing her baby while her not-yet-two-year-old ran after their dog, knocking over an enormous Thomas-train construction that took up half the living room. Oh, and she was already back at work.

Whoops. The look she gave me, for a split second before she composed her face let me know I'd really put my foot in my mouth, and I've been sorry about it ever since. 

In that spirit of regret, enjoy this post from ScaryMommy, written as an apology for all we said and did to our friends who had kids before we did. My favorite line: 

Iā€™m sorry for not coming over more. We could have watched TV in our sweats after the kids were in bed. Why did I think you would want to meet me downtown for margaritas?

Fun times.

P.S. it's the beginning of the month!  New moms' groups are forming.  Come join us!