Working Moms’ Workshop and Support Group

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Breastfeed in Park

In the Working Moms’ Workshop: we cover all the essentials of going back to work after a first child, including:

  • Finding and maintaining excellent childcare
  • Breastfeeding and pumping issues
  • Sleep issues for working moms
  • Finding “me-time”
  • Negotiating boundaries at work
  • Getting “everything else” done
  • Co-parenting with your partner when you’re both employed
  • Your relationship with your baby

This is run as a 3 part series meeting once a month for three months.  Contact me for dates and to register.

Participants are invited to join the ongoing working moms’ group to share sharing resources and continue the discussion.

The Working Moms’ Ongoing Group helps new moms prepare for and manage work/motherhood concerns. Members are a diverse group of moms who come together to share information, problem-solve, vent and find a place for their dual identities.  This is a great group, and a sorely needed resource for working moms who want to talk and connect. 


CHELSEA:  129A W 20 Street between 6th and 7th. On hiatus in March 2014; contact me for the April-May series at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com.

UPPER WEST SIDE:  370 W 58 St 2C. 3/13, 3/27, 4/10, 4/17 (four dates) 8-10pm $140

Register by clicking button at left.  More details here and here.

A note about these groups — please read this before you consider joining:   Scheduling a working moms’ group is never fun because everyone’s life is busy.  It’s easy to cut out the things you do “only” for yourself. Over the years, I’ve observed, though, that when a group feels mutually committed, great things happen.  Members who sense an obligation to the group go out of their way to attend and find that dragging themselves out even when they’re tired, or the weather is bad, or a babysitter is hard to come by — pays back in huge dividends for them. Even more importantly, when the group comes to rely on each other, it’s magical.  Everyone feels safer talking candidly about her own life when she knows that the other women there are in it with her — not just dropping in or “trying it out.”  No one wants to talk about the tough stuff with someone she might never see again! For this reason, attendance is a priority for this group.  Think of signing up as a commitment to everyone else in the room, and know that they are committing to you, too. 

(Obviously, sometimes you can’t make it, and that’s fine — life happens.  Calling in and participating by phone is an option many folks take when a business trip or family situation forces them to miss a session).  

Finally, since I encourage you to think of joining as a commitment to the group, I don’t offer “trial” classes or pro-rated fees if you know you’ll have to miss a sesssion, and the series fee is non-refundable.  I hope you’ll join, and come to be part of a supportive community that is, truly, priceless.