Winter New Moms’ Groups!

The next round of my new moms’ series is starting in late November for downtown moms.  Join us for 6 weeks as we explore your new life with humor, information, pragmatism, and a lot of irreverence.

This is a comment I got yesterday from a mom in the series that’s coming to an end now:

I wanted to say thanks for doing such a wonderful job in facilitating the new mom group.  I got so much out if it — I find myself several times a day saying either “in my new mom group I learned…” Or “Meredith talked about…”
This group has been priceless to me! 

When you join, you can also join my listserve of new moms, to interact between sessions and continue to meet up well after your little ones are past the early months. 

Details: 6 week series, Wednesdays 11/28- 1/16, 1:45-3:45, held at 54 Warren St (downstairs classroom), through Tribeca Parenting.  $180.  (note, class skips 12/26 and 1/2).  Yes, you can bring your baby!  Register here.

More description of moms’ groups here.  And of course you can email me with any questions:  meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com.