This is a shameless attempt to guilt you into voting, even if your day is really hectic.  Here is an article about a young woman named Galicia Malone, who got to the polls and voted while she was in labor.  Yep, her water broke, and her contractions were about five minutes apart when she left her home … to go to the polls.  After she voted, she continued on to the hospital.  Good for her. 

<To all New Yorkers affected by the hurricane:  If you are voting at a different location than usual, you will have to vote by affadavit.  That means filling out a form and the ballot by hand.  They will not have a booth with a lever to pull.  I suggest bringing your own pen (the place I voted this morning had only four!  And the line of displaced voters was out the door!) and something to lean on, like a book, because you will have to fill in the affadavit standing up in the middle of the polling place.>

Go vote.