Toddler Parenting Workshop

Having kids gets a little crazy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy, productive, and sane. It is your life going by, after all.

I think everyone kind of knows that, but it can be pretty hard to find a good balance between the rigid, unfeeling antipathy of Tiger Moms/French Mamans and the Loosey Goosey of Too Much Indulgent Chaos Bordering On Helicoptery Martyrdom.  

Especially when your baby is now a toddler, walking, beginning to talk … apparently ready to take over the world.

It helps to have some guidance. Next week, I’ll host a TODDLER PARENTING WORKSHOP where we’ll: 

  • review the four basic principles of living with — and working with — a toddler, so that you can use your energy where it helps, and not waste a lot of time arguing, demanding, controlling, capitulating, feeling ineffectual and/or sounding like a two year old yourself!
  • do hands-on role-playing exercises to play out real scenarios that come up with your child and learn how to apply the stuff we all already know to real life situations.

The class is open to parents of toddlers 11-30 months old.  Although you can bring your little one, you may find it easier to pay attention if you leave her at home.  


TODDLER WORKSHOP II:  Hands-On Problem Solving for Real Parents

Saturday, March 31, 2012, 10-noon, Kinected, 151 W. 19th Street, 2nd Fl.

$50 per person or $60 per couple (use paypal button at left).  If you are a former student of mine, you can come for half price if you bring a full-paying new student or couple.  Contact me to arrange this at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com.