THIS WEEKEND: Parenting Your Toddler

Hey folks — there is still some space in this weekends Toddler Parenting Workshop at Kinected!  Details follow:


I mean this in the most loving way, but:  Toddlers are crazy.  

Like babies, they are inconsistent, irrational, and loud, and they can’t really do anything for themselves.  Unlike babies, they can move around, talk (back) to you and leave a path of destruction through your home.   

Once you know how to deal with them, though?  They’re actually a lot of fun.

SO:  Come to this Toddler Parenting Workshop and we will discuss:

  • why your child resists getting her teeth brushed and what to do when she shuts her mouth tight and you’re standing there feeling useless.
  • why your iPhone is the most appealing thing to him, and how to navigate his desire to use it 24/7.
  • what to do when she screams in an attempt to prevent you from having a conversation with your spouse. Ever.
  • how to cope with the daily throw-down when you tell him it’s time to put on his coat.
  • dirty secrets about bedtime and nighttime.
  • picky eating and food-fights.
  • playground politics, navigating friendships among toddlers and their parents and caregivers, and
  • new-sibling issues.

Fun stuff, right?  But I tell you — when you can understand what’s going on inside the Toddler Mind, you can make sense of it and have a little of your sanity back, without worrying that you’re creating a future monster.  It can even be really delightful.  

Here are the details:  Toddler Workshop:  Saturday, Feb 11, 2012, 10-12noon, Kinected Center, 151 W 19th Street, 2nd Floor.  $50 or $60/couple.  To register, click the paypal link to the left that says “Parenting Your Toddler.”  

Discount for former students who bring a full-paying friend!  Email me for more info at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com.

Kinected is a wonderful resource for pregnant women and new moms:  find out more here.

You may bring your child, but most parents find it easier to concentrate if their little one isn’t along.