Register for New Moms' Group!

Hey all,

There’s still space in the New Jewish Mothers’ Group starting next week!

This is a great opportunity to join an intimate new moms’ group and also connect with your spiritual side and think about Jewish traditions around lifecycle events.  It’s going to be awesome.  (info on my other moms’ groups starting soon here).

Things to know:

  • you don’t have to be religious. At all. 
  • you don’t have to be knowledgeable about Jewish lifecycle things, at all.
  • you don’t have to fit into Jewish Mother cultural stereotypes, at all!
  • We’re going to talk about all the regular new-moms’-group topics:  feeding, sleep, fussiness, routines, body changes, parenting with your partner … the lot.  
  • and also, the particular cultural distinctiveness and traditions in Jewish family life.
  • yes you can bring your baby
  • breastfeeding / not breastfeeding — doesn’t matter either way here.  You’re a mom; come talk.  
  • If you’re a Tamid member, it’s free!  For everyone else, it’s just like a regular new moms’ group:  $180 for six weeks and a lifetime of new friends.

DETAILS:  Thursdays, 11-1, at 299 Broadway. Featuring guest commentary by Rabbi Darren Levine on the role of Jewish spirituality in creating family life.


TO REGISTER: Click Purchase Button at left, scroll down.  If you are viewing this site on your mobile phone, you have to scroll down to the bottom and click “standard view” in order to see the purchase button.  If you are having trouble with this, email me at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com