Consumer Reports: What To Reject When You're Expecting

This article from Consumer Reports is a great piece on the ten most “overused” procedures in childbirth:

1. C Section in low risk first birth

2. Automatic repeat C Section

3. Elective early delivery

4. Induction without medical reason

5. Ultrasound after 24 weeks

6. Early epidural

7. Continuous electronic fetal monitoring during labor

8. Routine artificial rupture of membranes (“breaking the bag of waters”)

9. Routine episiotomy

10. Sending baby to the nursery

The article, of course, goes into greater detail about how each of these is overused and what the alternatives are.  I like this piece because it’s a great reminder to everyone of a few really crucial points

1. When you’re there, in the hospital in labor?  You’re still a consumer, and entitled to excellent customer service.

2.  Health care is a product we pay for and it is important to think about whether each thing you do is necessary/worthwhile.

3.  You, as an adult, are competent to evaluate whether you need an induction/episiotomy/c-section/ultrasound, just like you evaluate whether you need the other things you pay for.  You don’t need to be a medical expert to do this.  You do need a medical expert *with you* to talk you through the benefits/risks/alternatives, but after that the decision is yours. 

4.  Not all of the things that doctors do routinely are helpful or necessary.

Ask questions.  Get to know your caregiver.  Be the customer.  Get good care.

Dancin Mama

Here we see a mom-to-be post-dates in a twin pregnancy as she rocks her way into labor with the help of The Black Eyed Peas.  Some points

1.  How awesome does she look?  

2.  What a great dancer she is!  I seriously could not bust those moves even non-pregnant, forget about the 40-Week-Waddle-Two-Step.

3.  And to have that kind of energy!

So we see — there are so many ways to be :-).  

BTW, in the comments section you can see that she apparently went into labor 2 days later and had a terrific birth.

Thanks to Ceridwen Morris for the original link