Working Moms' Group is Back!

I’ve had a bunch of requests to re-start the working moms’ workshop and listserve. 

The irony is, often new moms who are back at work don’t sign up for this kind of thing because they have no time.  But here’s the deal, folks:  you need this even though you don’t have time.  


1.  Because it builds knowledge:  we cover the logistical nitty gritty stuff (how and when to pump), and also the big emo concerns (“will my baby love the nanny more than she loves me??!”)*.

2.  Because it builds confidence:  you deserve to get to know a group of awesome other women in the same situation and see your experience reflected in theirs and let it all hang out just like Stay-At-Home moms get to do at the MOMs’ group.

3.  Because it’s a good networking opportunity.

4.  Because it’s only twice a month and you can totally make it to this, I promise.

5.  Because it will be fun.  Maybe you’ll all even go out for a drink afterwards!

Each week we’ll discuss a new topic pertaining to the balance of work and motherhood —For instance: 

  • Childcare — finding it, and then, when you do, having a great relationship with your caregiver, learning to tolerate the normal doubts and ambivalence, and how to assess whether this set-up is right for your child.
  • Food Stuff:  breastfeeding, pumping, weaning, nighttime issues, and, for those with older babies, solid foods.
  • The Re-Balance of Power: co-parenting with your partner when both of you are employed
  • Basics of Self-Care:  sleep, exercise, and basically how to get a life.
  • Work Issues — negotiating liveable work arrangements, dealing with co-workers

WHERE:  City Treehouse, 129A W 20th Street, between 7th and 6th.

WHEN: 7:30-9:30 pm on four Tuesdays:  6/12/12, 6/26/12, 7/10/12, 7/24/12

REGISTER:  By clicking “Purchase” button at left.

Members will be invited to join a private listserve to continue the discussion.

More questions?  Contact me at meredith(at) amotherisborn (dot) com

*Of course your child will love you more than she loves the nanny! She will also especially love that you are providing her with a wonderful loving nanny.  :-)