Dear Pregnant folks and People With Babies,

One day your child will begin to talk.  And it will seem like, Hallelujah, now things are going to settle down.  And they will settle down, in many ways.  

But you will still have a child.  And you will have literally each of these conversations below, beginning at age 2 (when it is still age-appropriate) and continuing, each of these conversations, every single day, through age 8.  Multiply by a couple kids, add in the fact that your employer also does sh&t like this and sometimes your spouse, too, right … this can devolve into insanity!

Unless you know how to find it amusing.

Last weekend I taught a fun Toddler Workshop where we outlined the Four Basic Principles of living with/communicating with little ones.  Next month we’ll have a followup workshop where we practice how to use those principles, role-playing some of these fun  scenarios and others.  We’ll play out how to get through them without a throw-down, and with your sanity relatively whole.  Check back here for date and time details! 


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