New Childbirth Education Classes UP

Hi, People:  My 2012 schedule of Childbirth Education group classes is now, finally, up, through summertime — here.  So, register, and tell all your preggo friends.

Classes are fun, funny, and informative, and you’ll meet some cool other expectant parents.  Here’s a quote I just got yesterday from a student who took my October class and just had her daughter:

I think the biggest takeaway from the [childbirth] class for me was a great base of knowledge about labor + delivery, and the confidence to make the decisions that are necessary during the process.  I went into my labor with a very open mind & made decisions as they came about…. This was the most amazing experience of our lives to date.  Meredith - thank you for giving us the tools we needed for a successful birth!!!

Private classes are always available by contacting me directly at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com.