Infant Care and Breastfeeding


Hard as it is to imagine, after this pregnancy, they’re going to let you loose with a baby!

To help you deal with that, I offer group and private classes in breastfeeding and infant care.  FAQ, scroll down.

Group Classes, two formats:

One Saturday per month, “combo” class at Pregnancy & Parenting 10-3pm (locations vary — I teach this on E 62 St. and in Chelsea and sometimes in TriBeCa depending on the month, please contact me at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com to find my upcoming schedule). 

First Sunday of the month, stand-alone class at City Births, 370 W 58 ST, 10-1 or 2-5, scheduled the day after my childbirth series so you can take them sequentially.

(Note:  You can register for these classes without taking childbirth, but I strongly suggest you take all of it.  It helps.)

For private classes, contact me at meredith (at) amotherisborn (dot) com.

Class Details:

Infant Care:

  • Grooming, diapering and bathing
  • When to call the pediatrician
  • Sleep issues
  • Coping with fussiness and colic
  • Finding breaks
  • Getting out
  • Setting up a nursery


  • Establishing a proper latch
  • Ensuring that the baby is feeding well
  • Troubleshooting/Common Concerns about breastfeeding
  • What to do if you need more help
  • Emotional issues around breastfeeding