"In My Day . . . "

Yesterday a reader responded to What Not To Say - Grandma Edition with this hilarious story:

yes, my MIL loves to say “We didn’t have anything like that!”  My favorite is that she likes to say that about cloth diapers.  wtf? 

It made me remember some of the excellent/horrifying/unbelievable Grandma quotes I’ve heard over the years:

We always gave you honey to help with teething.

We always rubbed whisky around your mouth while you were teething

We didn’t have teething then.

No one breastfed then.

You were out of diapers before your first birthday.

There was no such thing as “side-lying” nursing in my day.

We just spanked you when you woke up in the middle of the night; that taught you quick!

(That last one, so horrible; I heard it probably ten years ago and have been haunted ever since — in case it’s not obvious, just don’t don’t don’t do that.)

So — what are the best “in my day” remarks you’ve heard so far?  And <shudder> what do you think you might say happened in your day, some time, decades on, when it’s your turn to be Grandma?