Actually funny piece about childbirth

I love The Hairpin, and they’ve pulled off something amazing — this is something I have almost never seen before:  a humor piece about childbirth which is actually funny, as opposed to like every single other humor thing about birth, which are so infused with ignorance about birth / misogyny /general female body-hate that I have to stomp around ranting and eat chocolate even though I already brushed my teeth. 

And there’s a reference to Dune!  

But I have to disagree with #25.  The ultimate post-labor food is bacon-egg-and-cheese on a hard roll ordered in from the diner across the street from the hospital.  And if the diner forgets the bacon, and this omission makes the new mom burst into tears even though she was totally a rock star for the whole labor, and her husband gallantly offers her the bacon from his own sandwich, this is a great sign that the marriage will survive and thrive, even if there is a period where she kind of hates him for a while there during the f&ck-now-we’re-parents transition.

Just, yk, hypothetically speaking.