Fall New Moms' Groups!

Hi all —

Becoming a new mom can be crazy-making.  What helps, perhaps more than anything, is to break the isolation.  

In movies and online, new moms’ groups are like a frenzy of JudgyBitchy Mompetition, or some kind of Hyper-Crunchy Earthmama Fest that almost no one can relate to.  But in real life things it doesn’t have to be that way.  Come to one of my new moms’ groups and get the real deal — a comfortable environment of other cool, interesting, smart urban moms in your same life moment, with a guided topic each week and an experienced facilitator who can help keep it real and also fun.  It is friendly.  It is educational.  It is totally unprecious.  You will feel better, happier, more confident.  Sign up.

This fall, I’ve got three different mid-week options for downtown moms:  a monthly group, a weekly group, and a weekly group especially for new Jewish moms.  There is something for everyone!  More info here

(working moms:  my current working moms’ group is full, but please contact me if you are interested in joining the next session (starting November) or, if there is enough interest, I will open a second group).