Bottoms Up

I hate to blog about celebrities, but this post at the Bad Moms’ Club was worth passing along.  Apparently Mariah Carey was visited by Child Services after sipping some Guinness as she nursed her twins.  Her baby nurse had recommended that she drink beer to bring her milk in.

Here are some things we can all learn from this:

1.  your baby nurse (or mother, OB, pediatrician or neighbor) may not know jack sh*t about breastfeeding.  If you have concerns about your milk “coming in” or need other advice, or support about breast-feeding, contact an IBCLC.  

2. Occasional, moderate drinking (1-2 drinks) isn’t necessarily taboo while breastfeeding.  Little alcohol passes into the milk (about 16% of the moms’ dose), and, more importantly, it is metabolized out of the body relatively quickly.  Ideally the mom would wait before nursing— alcohol levels in milk peak 30-60 minutes after drinking, and then fall as the alcohol leaves mom’s blood stream.

3. Drinking alcohol can reduce your milk supply temporarily; alcohol inhibits the let down reflex.  Also, abstaining for 9 months of pregnancy, it may make you really sleepy, which may not be what you had in mind :-).  

4.  Apparently Mariah is nursing her twins!  Also apparently one of their names is an adjective.  Hm.