"Best Childbirth Classes in NY"

Hey folks.  Of course I’m biased, but I totally agree with this article titled Best Childbirth Classes in NY, which names Tribeca Parenting, where I currently teach group childbirth classes.  

There are lots of ways to teach a childbirth class; anyone can hang out a shingle and do it.  But TP hires only teachers who have completed the rigorous 2-3 year certification program through CEA/MNY.  Then, all the TP teachers also participate in regular continuing education, to ensure that we are up to date not just on timeless things (like basic physiology and anatomy) but on things that do change, like local hospital practices and current research about medications, interventions and technology, and perinatal care.  (Plus, sometimes we get to have really fun continuing ed to learn things like how to teach reflexology; which of course requires that we all get foot rubs! :-))  

The TP childbirth series is designed not only to instill knowledge, but to allay anxiety, build confidence, and foster a feeling of community among a bunch of total strangers who are all embarking on a great adventure.  The teachers are smart and funny and real, and we want our students not just to learn, but to appreciate that you can be your regular self throughout the birth process. 

If you’re pregnant and lucky enough to be in NY, I hope you’ll come!  I’m teaching on Wednesday evenings at the 62 St location.  More info on my series here.