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Pre-registration  is required for this workshop.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop.

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Parenting Together


Sharing your life with a partner is a journey. When you add children, it's a shared joy but, let's be honest, also a challenge. This special workshop for members of West Village Parents will cover fundamentals of living a good life with your partner as you parent together, focusing not just on decision-making, conflict management and division of labor, but also on joy and humor. Dates TBA

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Parenting Master Skills

Parenting: Master Skills in the First 18 Months Books and websites tell us our child's milestones, but what are the milestones for a parent? Together, we'll look at the first 18 months, quarter by quarter, and examine not just what your little one can do, but what you can do, and how you can work together. With these master skills tailored to each age, you can use your time and energy to develop your relationship with your child, and enjoy. Dates TBA.