After the newborn stage, there’s more to learn about the wild ride of parenting!

The Older Baby Workshop covers the milestones from 6-15 months, and corresponding parenting skills as your baby grows.  

  • cognitive and physical milestones
  • nutrition, solids and weaning
  • baby-proofing
  • appropriate play for your older baby
  • beginning discipline issues
  • repetitive and annoying behaviors
  • nap transitions
  • separation and stranger anxiety, and one-parent-preference

This workshop is a one-day live event. Contact me for dates.

In The Toddler Workshop, we cover:

(c) Meredith Fein Lichtenberg 2008 all rights reserved

(c) Meredith Fein Lichtenberg 2008 all rights reserved

  • intellectual and emotional development thru 30 months
  • food fights, bedtime battles and “NO!”
  • side-by-side play and friendships between older babies and toddlers
  • new-sibling issues
  • nutrition, growth and physical development
  • separation anxiety and transitions, and
  • whether my daughter, (pictured) had a meltdown about which bagel-half to eat first.

(just kidding, of course she did!)  

This workshop is held as a three part series, online.  Contact me for current dates.