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Weekly Breastfeeding Support Group

Friendship. Information. Answers. Laughter. And a scale! Mondays at Kids At Work, 11:30-1:00. $30

The breastfeeding support group has merged with my new moms’ group! Come chat about all the things — breastfeeding as well as sleep, routines, surprises, exhaustion, colic, co-parenting with a partner, and much more, with lots of humor and plenty of information. It’s a drop-in group so you can pay as you go.

This group is not: 

  • Judgy

  • A place where you have to pretend to be happy about everything OR

  • A place where everyone complains and we compete over whose problem is worse

This group is also NOT the place for sorting out complex breastfeeding problems with a lot of history. If that's your situation, I recommend either my breastfeeding clinic or a home visit with me, so that we have the time to address your needs.

This group is:

  • a place where you can ask questions, vent a little, and discuss your situation with likeminded moms and an IBCLC who is also a very experienced group facilitator

  • an opportunity to meet other moms

  • a place to be real - no need to shower or have everything figured out!

  • a place where you get get basic breastfeeding questions answered, sort out myths from reality, and

  • a place with a scale, if what you want to do is check the baby's weight or milk intake.

MOMKEY holders: register here to get your discount. All others use the form below to sign up.