As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I provide clinical breastfeeding support to mothers in New York City.  To begin, contact me.  

Why Have A Home Visit?

  • breastfeeding hurts (sore or damaged nipples, breast pain, plugged ducts)
  • baby is not latching, “slides” off breast, is too sleepy to nurse
  • baby is gaining weight slowly
  • concerns about baby’s tongue or torticollis
  • engorgement
  • something feels "not right"
  • concerns about milk supply
  • issues relating to preemies
  • previous breast surgery, unusually shaped breasts or nipples

What happens at the visit? 

An initial visit typically lasts two hours.  During that time I will

  • take moms’ history and examine the breasts
  • assess baby at rest and at breast (observing a feed)
  • work with you to achieve comfortable latch and positioning
  • weigh the baby before and after a feed 
  • discuss management of breastfeeding and active problem-solving
  • facilitate communication between mom and her partner
  • develop a customized, written care plan based on the assessment, to guide you through the next few days
  • write a report to send to your baby’s pediatrician and your care provider, to coordinate care with the rest of the health care team
  • refer you to a specialist if needed
  • provide you with a receipt you can submit to your insurance carrier. 

Following the visit, we will be in touch over the next several days and few weeks to tinker with the care plan and get you on your way.  Followup visits can be arranged if necessary.