Real life -- with a job and a family -- can get intense.  It helps to be part of a posse. 

The Working Moms' Groups are places where likeminded modern moms who have kids and jobs can get to know each other and talk about how it all works. Groups meet monthly, or twice a month. We meet up after work, sometimes with wine and snacks, and unwind in a positive, facilitated discussion. We talk about 

  • Finding and maintaining excellent childcare
  • Breastfeeding and pumping issues
  • Sleep issues for working moms
  • Finding “me-time”
  • Negotiating boundaries at work
  • Getting “everything else” done
  • Co-parenting with your partner when you’re both employed
  • Your relationship with your baby


Working Moms Group for HRPMamas Members is on hiatus.  Look for updates about the next group and register through HRPMamas.

"The Upper West Side Working Moms' Group": registration for Winter 2018 is now open. 

Working Moms' Group (UWS group winter 2018)

Dates: 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 5/31 Services are nonrefundable within 24h of the first class, workshop or consult. Classes are not pro-rated for missed sessions.  Please contact me to be certain of dates before you register.

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"The Chelsea Working Moms' Group": registration through spring 2018 will open shortly.


A note about these groups — please read this before you consider joining:   

It’s easy to cut out the things you do “only” for yourself, and working moms are really busy.

Over the years, I’ve observed, though, that when a group feels mutually committed, great things happen.  Members who sense an obligation to the group (even when they’re tired, or the weather is bad, or a babysitter is hard to come by) find it pays back in huge dividends for them. Everyone feels safer talking candidly when she knows that the other people there are in it with her — not just dropping in or “trying it out.”  For this reason, think of signing up as a commitment to everyone else in the room, and know that they are committing to you, too (calling in and participating by phone is an option many folks take when they simply can't get there). 

For this reason, I don’t offer “trial” classes or pro-rated fees, and the series fee is non-refundable.  I hope you’ll join, and come to be part of a supportive community that is, truly, priceless.